Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Bitcoin Retrace – Cryptocurrency News Episode 33

The Crypto Gent dicusses the various news from around the Cryptocurrency World. But don’t worry, this is an exciting, funny, witty and entertaining joke-filled run down of the news. You are sure to entertained by the master of sarcasm, put downs and down right ridiculous and absurd humour. Subscribe for daily videos from Crypto Twitter’s favourite content creator. About The …

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Bitcoin Market Analysis: June Price Action

So first things first, two days ago this weekly candle was printed for BTC, also known as a long legged doji which is a very strong indicator of a market reversal of huge shift in momentum. We have seen these candles before on 4H or 8H timeframes which indicate maybe a small pullback over the next week but in general …

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HASHR8 Podcast – Mark Moss

This episode of the HASHR8 podcast features Mark Moss. About Mark Moss Mark Moss is a trend-hunter and fundamental analyst who has been investing and trading in various assets for over 20 years.  He is also the co-founder of , and provides tons of educational content for crypto traders. Mark shares his experiences investing in Real Estate, what he learned …

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Malone’s UX Reviews: ZelCore Wallet

Last week elevateUX ran a poll on Twitter to ask the public which mobile wallet is the most impressive out of the ones we have looked at so far. We also invited people to comment below on which wallet we should take a look at next. There was plenty of demand for an article on the ZelCore wallet and how impressive the …

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Nugget’s News: Did Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Have A Dark Past?

Did Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Have A Dark Past? So who is Satoshi Nakamoto the legendary creator of Bitcoin? Today we take a look at some new evidence suggesting Satoshi’s background may have been darker than previously thought. Who do you believe invented the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin? About Nugget News Nugget News are Australia’s most watched channel for …

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