Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Nugget’s News: The Bitcoin Cure – Is History About To Repeat?

The Bitcoin Cure – Is History About To Repeat? Today we discuss Bitcoin’s past. A number of historical events have taken place over Bitcoin’s life that have brought plenty of attention to the cryptocurrency. About Nugget News Nugget News are Australia’s most watched channel for all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. They provide accessible and unbiased educational content delivered through video, …

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Blockchain: The Illusion of Value

Some Background information (You can skip this part and go straight to ‘Blockchain models in comparison’) Generally, we can differentiate between private, public and consortium blockchains. The main differentiating points are membership access and consensus. Membership access defines who and based on what grounds, is allowed to use the blockchain. Consensus outlines the processes and rules that determine how various …

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BlockchainBrad – Harmony Interview with Co-Founder Founder Nick White

BlockchainBrad speaks with Harmony Co-Founder Nick White for an exclusive update. Harmony is a next generation sharding-based blockchain that is fully scalable, provably secure, and energy efficient. Harmony addresses the problems of existing blockchains by combining the best research results and engineering practice in an optimally tuned system. They are currently undergoing their IEO on Binance, so DYOR. About Brad …

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CryptoCred – Technical Analysis Series: Mastering RSI

In this video CryptoCred covers the Relative Strength Index indicator in excruciating detail. The RSI is a popular indicator and can supplement your analysis when trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. About CryptoCred CryptoCred is a technical trader, analyst and educator within the Crypto Community. His free educational content delivered across multiple platforms has seen him gain an impressive audience over …

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A Rubric for Effective Crypto Groups

In cryptocurrency, we can often lose track of all the coins and tokens hatching every month, year after year, along with all the exchanges, paradigms of learning, up and down movements, and our personal daily lives. That being said, it’s commonplace to search out groups to help us be better traders, whether that’s educational tools or to help us find …

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