Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Why Using a Privacy Coin Preserves Our Rights as Global Citizens

Privacy coins are a growing subset of cryptocurrency culture. This article covers an original bitcoin alternative — CloakCoin. Online privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s interconnected global society. Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource, and we continue to see a year-over-year upswing in cybercrimes. You see, criminals tend to follow the trail of money. If there’s an industry …

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Recognising Your Bias in Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

Learning Objectives · To recognise the types of emotional biases when trading or investing in cryptocurrency. · To understand how biases can influence and distract one from impartial decision-making. · To identify how one can disregard biased inaccuracies, to improve trading and investment practices moving forward. Introduction The 2017 cryptocurrency bull market created hype and hysteria of somewhat epic proportions, …

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The Daily Chain: Exclusive Interview with V-ID

V-ID Certify and Secure all Digital Assets V-ID is a validation service for digital assets that uses blockchain technology to time-stamp files and make them verifiable. They describe their mission as “to safely certify and secure all digital assets, so fraud and errors no longer hold back society’s innovations in digitalization.” The need for transparency with digital assets is particularly …

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Nugget’s News: The Bitcoin Cure – Is History About To Repeat?

The Bitcoin Cure – Is History About To Repeat? Today we discuss Bitcoin’s past. A number of historical events have taken place over Bitcoin’s life that have brought plenty of attention to the cryptocurrency. About Nugget News Nugget News are Australia’s most watched channel for all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. They provide accessible and unbiased educational content delivered through video, …

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