Wednesday , 26 June 2019
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Introduction to Governance

Disclaimer: The content of these research summaries has been written after a year of reading, researching and writing about blockchain technologies and applications. Definitions may vary depending on the paper cited. The summaries provided are subject to further iterations; whereby, the first version relies on my personal understanding of the industry and the technologies. Most of it is based on …

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13 Questions: Interview with Yanbo Li, NKN founder and OnChain co-founder

13问:访谈NKN创始人、OnChain联合创始人李彦博 The single greatest thing about doing these interviews is meeting all the people from different walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, who are involved with this technology. Whilst talking tech is always great fun, and the bread and butter of any crypto interview, talking exclusively tech can sometimes obfuscate the more subtle and vital sparks of illumination: Why are …

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AmSpec and V-ID Verify and Protect Certification in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry

Global testing, inspection and certification platform AmSpec chooses V-ID blockchain tech to protect reports and certificates Rotterdam, Wednesday, June 19, 2019 It’s still early at the Oranjelaan in Rozenburg, a stone’s throw away from the largest petrochemical refineries and terminals of Rotterdam, but already AmSpec’s dedicated professionals are onsite delivering high calibre service. Here at AmSpec, specialists have been testing and …

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