Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Crypto SOMO: The Solace of Missing Out on Great Trades

Why missing trades on crypto is not only acceptable but beneficial to your trading strategy. Trading cryptocurrency has not been without its stressors — trying to understand a market with different methods, staying up late with movements 24/7, or missing out on a move because you finally fell asleep or just trying to live life in general. Trading and investing in crypto …

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BlockchainBrad – Algorand Interview with CEO Steve Kokinos

BlockchainBrad & Algorand CEO, Steve Kokinos, speak exclusively about Algorand’s public, permissionless platform & protocol. The phrases, borderless economy & boundless opportunity are discussed. Algorand is defining the standard for blockchain technology. Pure proof-of-stake. Providing immediate transaction finality. Algorand lets you build on a stable, scalable foundation that claim you can trust. About Brad BlockchainBrad is a highly respected character …

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BlockFyre Coin Reviews: Holochain

Who are Blockfyre? Blockfyre is an online platform that offers insights and services to provide Investors with a gateway to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Besides analysis and reports for investors, Blockfyre also offers research and consulting services aimed at companies in the blockchain/crypto sector. Our goal is to help this industry grow and succeed. Follow them on Social …

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13 Questions: PirateChain’s Jane Mercer, aka radix42, talks Life, Satoshi, and Everything

I was the person that bugged satoshi to start the first bitcoin mailing list This interview was originally published as part of the ‘13 Questions’ series of interviews on Human Action, June 4th 2019.  Following my recent interview with FishyGuts and MrLynch of PirateChain I remained in The Wailing Barnacle (PirateChain discord). One afternoon I started researching another ARRR core dev, radix42. I found this CoinDesk …

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