Thursday , 27 June 2019
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BlockFyre Coin Reviews: Aeryus

Who are Blockfyre? Blockfyre is an online platform that offers insights and services to provide Investors with a gateway to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Besides analysis and reports for investors, Blockfyre also offers research and consulting services aimed at companies in the blockchain/crypto sector. Our goal is to help this industry grow and succeed. Follow them on Social …

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BlockchainBrad – Gath3r Interview with CEO Reggie Jerath

BlockchainBrad speaks with Reggie, Gath3r CEO, about next Era of Web monetization with Decentralized Blockchains, Merged Mining, interoperable smart contracts & Masternodes. Gath3r is much more than just a web miner. The Gath3r hybrid blockchain supports GTH-producing nodes, as well as a turn- key solution enabling anyone to easily start developing on Gath3r, with the in-built functionality of smart-contracts. The …

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Malone’s UX Reviews: Trust Wallet

It has been a while since I last looked at a multi-functional mobile wallet so I recently tweeted out to see which ones people would like me to take a look at. Trust Wallet is one that was mentioned and I noticed it has been spoken about a lot recently for obvious reasons. We will touch on these reasons later …

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Gath3r Interview: Ad-Free Browsing Solution

Gath3r are a web mining project who aim to deliver an alternative or additional method of monetization for publishers. They describe themselves as “The next Era of Web monetization with Decentralized Blockchains, Merged Mining, Smart contracts, Interoperability and Masternodes.” By choosing to implement Gath3r onto a website, simply by adding a piece of code, a publisher can give the user …

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Nugget’s News: Top Crypto Trading Tips For Altseason

Top Crypto Trading Tips For Altseason With many Altcoins pumping today the calls of altseason have returned! Today I explain what Altseason is, how money rotates out of Bitcoin & into other cryptocurrencies. Do you know how to successfully trade altcoins? About Nugget News Nugget News are Australia’s most watched channel for all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. They provide accessible …

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