Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Greed and Inexperience in Cryptocurrency: Investigating the Drivers to your Downfall

Learning Objectives · To investigate possible triggers behind greed in human behaviour. · To investigate how behaving with greed can be realised in the world of cryptocurrency through a case study review. · To draw conclusions through understanding greed, allowing you to make accurate judgement in the world of cryptocurrency. Introduction Greed can be defined an extreme or excessive desire …

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Proof of Review: Membrana

About Proof of Review We want to change the way project reviews are delivered to the community and give investors and traders the chance to vet the information around a project and its developer team before deciding to invest their time and funds in an effort to reduce the number of scam projects in the sector. We also wish to …

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Blockchain’s Unicorn Replicator

How RedFOX Labs is Bringing Proven Business Models to Emerging Markets Crypto-powered startups’ development phases are as varied as the countries from which they originate. Some are only now dipping their toes into the digital waters — eager to bathe in the splendor of a decentralized, tokenized future. These crypto rookies may possess an idea, and sometimes a whitepaper abuzz with the latest …

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Bulletpoint Research — Top 100 Coins: 59-40

This article was written as a building block for fundamental research into the wide variety of decentralised products and platforms which are currently in the Top 100 coins listed on the CoinMarketCap website. (80+ hours of research) I like to personally see this article as a brief dictionary for providing easy to read bulletpoints on key elements of each projects, …

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Facebook Global Coin – Cryptocurrency News Episode 27

Facebook announces that Global Coin will be launched officially in 2020. The coin is to be a stable coin used by Facebook’s 2.4 billion users, and there is no need for a bank account. Robinhood app successful in round of funding $200 million. The Crypto Gent discusses the various news from around the Cryptocurrency World. But don’t worry, this is …

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