Nugget’s News: Stephan Livera – The Economics Of One Million Dollar Bitcoin


Nugget’s News: Stephan Livera – The Economics Of One Million Dollar Bitcoin

Alex from Nugget’s News chats with Australian podcast host & economist Stephan Livera. We discussed the economics of Bitcoin, what marco factors will affect Bitcoin going forward, his thoughts on blockchains, cryptocurrency & the industry as a whole.

About Stephen Livera

Stephan Livera Podcast is a top rated Bitcoin podcast with a 5.0 star average across 181 ratings globally, focused on educational interviews and discussions about the economics and technology of Bitcoin. Stephan has hosted many high profile Bitcoin guests including:

  • Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter & Square)
  • Dr Adam Back (CEO Blockstream and cryptographer cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper)
  • Andreas M Antonopoulos (World famous Bitcoin educator and speaker)
  • Elizabeth Stark (CEO Lightning Labs)
  • Jameson Lopp (CTO Casa)
  • Tuur Demeester (Adamant Capital)

Stephan is ranked 70th globally on the cluster listing as of June 2019.

About Nugget News

Nugget News are Australia’s most watched channel for all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. They provide accessible and unbiased educational content delivered through video, podcasts, articles & newsletters.

They define their purpose as a passion for driving mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through education and awareness.

You can find their various social media links below:


Check out their website for articles, news, opinion and much more.

Blockchain Education Simplified.

You can find more Nugget’s News content like this video with Stephan Livera on Bitcoin on The Daily Chain here.

The Daily Chain – Inform. Educate. Succeed.

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