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Welcome to the June Progress Update 2019.

Busy times for everyone at NEXT. We’re making significant progress on many fronts, such as Mainnet, our upcoming 1.1 update, new partnerships, and general growth in the market.

Whitepaper 2.0 release.

The new Next Whitepaper June 2019

On June 12th, our team published a brand new Whitepaper. Our first Whitepaper (1.0) was published during our ICO stage (December 2017). The NEXT Whitepaper 2.0 contains the following information about our project:

  • Overview of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, our stance and view of things.
  • Insight into Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) exchange platforms, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Major issues stemming from CEX’ and DEX’s that hurt our industry.
  • The NEXT Ecosystem as a solution.
  • Project and company timeline-milestones.
  • features and functionality.
  • 1.1 update UI showcase.
  • In-depth information and Tokenomics on NEXT.
  • NEXT.genesis — IEO launch platform.
  • NEXT.chain information (ITC protocol, transaction variations, Masternodes, Mining, and more).
  • Future growth plans and roadmap goals.
  • Information covering our own IEO for NEXT.

The updated Whitepaper 2.0 may be found here. Overall, the document has been well received by our existing and new community members.

Recap of ongoing Developments.

NEXT Token to Coin swap (Public Mainnet).

Account generation, database updating, token and coin transferring process has been completed by our team, currently under testing. At the moment, the NEXT.chain Mainnet is currently active for Masternode holders and Miners that were part of our community testnet whom we are currently manually swapping. There are currently 47 Masternodes live on the NEXT.chain Mainnet.

The public swap of NEXT tokens to NEXT coins (at a rate of 1:1) is around the corner. The process will be very simple and available until the end of the year.

Ledger integration.

That’s right! Our developers are working on getting NEXT (coin) integrated onto the Ledger, which will provide our users with an extremely safe storage option for digital assets.

Infrastructure upgrade

Our current server infrastructure has been upgraded to a 10 GB/s network and our servers have been swapped.

Escrow trading

It will go into testing by our team, wherein we will test its functionality with the NEXT coin with BTC, ETH, EUR, USD pairings. Once this is done, escrow will be moved to live. More information on this feature may be found in the following previous blog post.

NEXT Mining pool

We are currently exploring options for expanding our merge mining pool. Our developers and team are on top of this and we will provide an update on this regard shortly.

Asset integrations.

The following assets are being worked on by our developers for integration and trading post out 1.1 update release.

  • Cosmos (Atom)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • DigiByte (DGB)
  • Electroneum (ETN)
  • ZelCash (ZEL)
  • SounDAC (XSD)
  • Linda (LINDA)
  • ODIN Blockchain (ODIN)
  • Arionum (ARO)
  • LuxCore (LUX)
  • ColossusXT (COLX)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Skycoin (SKY)
  • ECC (ECC)
  • CPChain (CPC)
  • V-ID (VIDT)
  • Typerium (TYPE)
  • Upfiring (UFR)

Typically we will strive to integrate assets that have a substantial community following. We believe that the overall strength and prospect of a project/venture can be measured by its community.

Partnership agreements

NEXT & Blockfyre

Next Partners with Blockfyre

We are happy to announce that we have reached a partnership agreement with Blockfyre. Their team will be acting as strategic advisors for and assisting us in our global reach and amplify our marketing efforts. By working together, we hope to improve the quality of our overall media relations, community size, recognition and overall appeal of our ecosystem and brand for the masses.

Our collaboration kicked off with the following in-depth analysis of our project carried out by the Blockfyre team. It contains valuable insights as per what we hope to accomplish and what we aim to provide our users, current cryptomarket participants, and new market entrants.

The Daily Chain

Next Partners with The Daily Chain

The Daily Chain, is a well-established crypto media outlet. On their platform, we will be provided a dedicated section as Media Partners, wherein all related content will be provided with constant coverage.

In addition to the above, we are currently working on additional partnerships which are more related to technical aspects as well as security.

Team growth

Last week we took on a new team member, a very experienced cybersecurity specialist. We are currently in the process of interviewing others for several positions related to marketing and support, as well as two potential advisors for technical and financial roles.

So, What’s next?

For more NEXT updates see The Daily Chain Media Partners page here.

The Daily Chain
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