ElevateUX Reviews: Moonscape


ElevateUX Reviews: Moonscape

For the past couple of months I have been using an app called Moonscape for price alerts whilst trading. After asking a few members of the community for recommendations of what price alert app’s they use, I decided to try Moonscape for no reason in particular. The purpose for me using alerts was to give myself more flexibility whilst I was monitoring a trade or potential trade, whilst reducing the amount of time that I spent staring at charts repeatedly watching price go up and down. I don’t have to check the charts nearly as often now as I wait for the notification to come through.

I think it speaks volumes that it was the first price alert app that I tried and I am still using it now. Let me shed some light on why this is…

But first, what is the Moonscape vision?

“We want to build a tool that helps crypto investors and traders do what they do in a meaningful way. Right now we’re attacking it from the angle of being notified when your market expectation happens so you can progress by either making that trade or adjusting your view and hopefully alleviating a bit of stress in the meantime.”

“But ultimately we want to empower the crypto trader and investor by giving them tools that help them do their job better.”

Before continuing to read, I feel it’s worth mentioning now that Moonscape is only fully available on iOS at the moment. Android version is currently in public beta but is still available to download (links below).

Why do they offer a good User Experience (UX)?

a) Simplicity

Some people are going to say this is an easy and maybe ridiculous answer but it’s because it’s so simple. Simplicity often get’s overlooked because we don’t notice and therefore appreciate it’s worth. It’s human nature to appreciate the more complex and unique things in life, therefore we overlook the simple things that actually work perfectly, without the ‘all-singing, all-dancing’.

A prime example of simplicity is the ‘reactivate’ feature. To reactivate an alert after it has already been triggered you simply swipe left and click the green reactivate button. That’s it, done. Nothing crazy or particularly glamorous, but it’s served it’s purpose.

Demonstration of the ‘reactivate’ feature.

b) Multiple Exchanges

Personally, I do 90% of my trading on Binance but I know many other people will use a variety of exchanges which is all part of different peoples trading strategies. When the odd gem catches your eye but isn’t on your regular exchange, it’s good to know that Moonscape will more than likely have it covered (as demonstrated in the video below).

In my opinion the variety of exchanges offer a more valuable UX for the average user. Simply covering this many exchanges will meet a much larger variety of user requirements contributing to creating a service that will be useful for most traders or investors.

Demonstration of the numerous exchanges within Moonscape.

c) Candle Close Alerts

The candle close alerts are something that I have benefitted from significantly. Often I found that alerts would be triggered by a volatile wick that would see price soon retrace to where it originally was. This isn’t a huge issue as you can always reactivate the alert but the candle close feature ensures confirmation and saves time. To set a candle close alert simply add an alert and click on the Candle Icon in the toolbar.
(As demonstrated in screenshot below).

However this feature isn’t part of the free version. This is part of the Pro Package that costs £4.99 per month. The reason I purchased the pro version is because I felt I personally would get value out of the £1.15 per week cost through time saved. This isn’t the only feature you gain when purchasing Pro but if you are interested in finding out more I’m sure you can contact the team and they would be happy to help.

Moonscape do offer a free 7-day trial of the pro version. I recommend making use of this before you rush into purchasing it.

Demonstration of creating a candle alert.

d) Customer Support

A huge part of the users experience whilst using a service falls on the shoulders of the customer support team. The level of customer service can make or break a company. When I recently noticed a bug within this app I messaged Moonscape on Twitter and made them aware. Within two hours the bug had been fixed and published on the app store — faultless service.
My only questioning would be are Moonscape prepared to increase the support team accordingly as the app reaches a wider audience?

I have communicated frequently with the Moonscape team and they have always listened to what I’ve had to say. Furthermore, seeing the line ‘Join our Telegram to request features’ tells me that they are definitely being user centered. (Something that I obviously value highly).

Demonstration of high quality customer service.


I do want to address that some people may think this article is biased as I haven’t tried any other price alert applications. However, why fix something that isn’t broke? Moonscape ticks all the boxes for my own needs so there really is no reason to. I see trialling others for my own personal use as a waste of my time (for now). However, this may not be the case for everyone as different users have different needs.

Overall I feel the app is simple and could be considered a very simple idea but when you break it down, they really have executed many important aspects to making a great product. All the features that I have mentioned above contribute to a good user experience and is something that more projects in the crypto space should allocate more resources on. I am looking forward to seeing how Moonscape develop the app further in the future!

Download the full iOS version of Moonscape here.

Download the Android beta version here.


  • I have not been paid by Moonscape to write this article. This is something I wanted to do due to my background in UX.
  • All opinions and views within this article are my own.
  • Links above to download are NOT referral/affiliate links.

Thanks for reading, Malone.

About Malone

Malone is a User Researcher by trade and is bringing his knowledge in UX to the Crypto world – reviewing products from a UX perspective whilst also sharing regular charts as a passionate price action trader.
Find out more about Malone at or on Twitter.

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Brandon is a User Researcher by trade and is bringing his knowledge in UX to the Crypto world - reviewing products from a UX perspective whilst also sharing regular charts as a passionate price action trader.

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