Interview — Franklin Fitch — Head of Marketing at Beaxy Exchange


What is your name, function and role at Beaxy?

My name is Franklin Fitch. I’m Head of Marketing at Beaxy.

How did you first learn about Bitcoin and the crypto space?

In my last job I did a lot of online research and had heard buzz about bitcoin in some different chatrooms. I also had some friends who were actively trading crypto who convinced me to look deeper into bitcoin. I did some initial research, read the whitepaper, and the rest is history.

Which aspects of Bitcoin and the crypto space made you choose to explore it more?

The idea of decentralized money without central control was really interesting to me. Quickly I discovered how many other applications this core idea had. I was most intrigued by supply chain, healthcare, and governance applications.

Did you work at anything crypto related before you joined Beaxy?

Not strictly speaking no. I was in a market research consulting job immediately prior where I got some exposure to crypto through our clients. I also started my own crypto social media brand and did some consulting for projects before finding Beaxy.

How did you learn about Beaxy?

I met Artak at a crypto meetup and we started talking about the exchange business and marketing. He indicated that he was looking for marketing support and I offered my services!

When did you join Beaxy and why?

I joined Beaxy early summer of 2018 if I’m not mistaken. First I was doing some external consulting work for Beaxy and eventually came on as the head of marketing role.

How does a typical work day look like for you?

It’s a combination of community management, copywriting, creating marketing plans, coordinating with influential members of the community, phone calls with projects, organizing events, making strategic decisions related to the future of Beaxy, and more.

What would you consider as the greatest joys in the things you do for Beaxy?

For me it’s the team most of all. We’re all good friends and we spend most of our time together. The other aspect I really enjoy is the creative part of marketing. It’s an inherently creative profession and I love that the team gives me the freedom to express my creativity and try new things. I’m also a bit obsessed with users and user experience, so every new community member and registered user we get is exciting.

What’s the moment that made you most proud so far at Beaxy?

I think just the fact that we made it this far. It’s been an incredibly difficult but rewarding journey. Fundraising wasn’t always easy, development always hits snags, and marketing in crypto is difficult and presents unique challenges. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s probably been the best adventure I’ve ever been on. So for me, I’m proud of all of it.

In your own words how would you describe Beaxy?

Beaxy is an all in one exchange platform. That is what it was designed to be. It’s our tag line for a reason. We aimed to combine a variety of features into one platform to give users a one stop shop for all their cryptocurrency trading needs.

Do you see any room for improvements in Bitcoin and crypto?

Scaling is obviously a challenge for bitcoin. I also think user experience and product design needs to come a long way in the crypto space.

Do you see any room for improvements for exchanges and how do you think Beaxy is going to solve them?

There’s a lot of room for improvement. Throughput overloads, poor customer support, lack of FIAT onboarding, lack of order types and so much more — these are all problems we are looking to solve.

What is the thing that drives and motivates you to build a better exchange every single day?

It’s hard to say. Some of the motivation is intrinsic. I just want to do it. I think we’re all bought into the system and the vision now that we don’t really need a source of external motivation, we just wake up every day ready to get after it.

What’s your future vision for Beaxy and what is the thing you hope to achieve in the long-term for Beaxy?

The goal is to make Beaxy the top exchange globally. To get there we need to consistently expand features, customer support, and global reach, so those are our primary goals.

When will Beaxy have succeeded in your opinion?

The previous answer pretty much sums it up, when we are the top exchange by volume and user count globally.

And I would like to end with giving an opportunity to say anything you still want to say to the community or in general

We greatly appreciate all of you. Literally wouldn’t be here without you. Our community has been absolutely incredible thus far, sticking with us through good times and the bad. Thank you all.

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