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To honour our Media Partnership with Gath3r we bring you this week’s blog to share all of the updates the team have been working on:

CEO Reggie Jareth with the Gath3r weekly update for 19/7

The second entry the Gath3r weekly update blog is here. We will be looking at the most important events that have taken place on all fronts this week.

As such, here are some of the most important updates from this week we wish to share with you:

  • We will roll out our brand new Ambassador Program shortly. We will be looking at a total of 5 brand ambassadors divided into three main categories. Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for the announcement and all the details. You will be able to apply by filling out the form on the homepage of our website.
  • Gath3r has expanded its team. As such we have onboarded a new Community Director, Jason Coles. His vast experience with numerous projects over the last few years is sure to contribute greatly to our efforts of expanding and engaging our community. Check out more details here.
  • Our latest article writing contest organized in partnership with Catered Content has finished and the winners have been announced. Check out the list and the articles here. Big thank you to all participants for your creative work and for helping spread the word about Gath3r.
  • On the tech front, some exciting updates on our platform, under the leadership of our CTO, Ashesh Khoul. 

Ashesh is a hardcore technologist, with balanced perspective to business and consumer needs, Ashesh has 18 years of experience in both fortune 500 enterprises and technology start-ups, as well as leading large teams of 200+ senior engineers, working hands-on as an individual contributor. 

Other companies Ashesh has had working experience with over the years include NCR Corporation (2005 – 2017) and Capgemini (2004 – 2005). Here are some of the most important aspects of our tech developments

The Approach – Have been able to create two individual parent and child “vanila” blockchains that have merged mining abilities for example, just like between Namecoin & Bitcoin. As such, users willing to create their new blockchains off Gath3r will fork from auxiliary the chain,  They would inherit the codebase and hence the ability to merge mine with Gath3r parent.

One of the most important advantages of this would also be that the parent Gath3r blockchain has its ecosystem of web mining that provides additional hashrate to the chains forked and/or integrated with Gath3r

Accomplished so far – The parent and child chains have been built, local copy ran for regtest environment, local mining done, more nodes added/removed within the local network. A demo of both chains has been successfully presented to the entire team recently. Currently we are evaluating and experimenting with different open source mining pools to see what works best for our needs.

Next Steps – Integrating the Parent chain with the webminer. The next step from there will be to work on the testnet which will include our whole suite of features such smart contracts, masternodes, staking etc.

These are the latest updates from this past week, stay tuned until next week.

About Gath3r

We deliver an additional or alternate form of monetization. Since it’s nonintrusive, it doesn’t degrade the user experience. In fact, it enhances it, because your users can now be rewarded just for browsing your website. Get in on the new way to optimize the way you monetize your website now.

The Gath3r hybrid blockchain supports GTH-producing nodes, as well as a turn- key solution enabling anyone to easily start developing on Gath3r, with the in-built functionality of smart-contracts. The more child chains, the more interoperability. This allows the creation of new applications or platforms easily. These features, along with the unique Merged Mining ability, contribute to increased profitability, chain security and decentralization.

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