Crypto Talent Showcase: KryptiCrooks – Comedy and Comics in Crypto


If you have a talent it should be nurtured, applied and celebrated.

This is no different in the world of Crypto.

Aside from the visionaries, technical masterminds and immensely talented developers, Crypto is home to a whole host of talented young minds. These come in many shapes and sizes from content writers, video producers, designers and even Crypto comic book creators.

Today we will explore the later with Crypto’s favourite comic designer KryptiCrooks. Since 2018 he’s been capturing key moments in Crypto by designing imaginative and hilarious comics using everyone’s favourite high profile names and influencers.

This has culminated in designing a masterpiece featuring all of Crypto’s whacky and obscure characters that he’s called “2018 Loss Vegas Mural”. KryptiCrooks is currently running a competition where he’s giving away one of these murals for free (valued at $5,000). You can find out more about that competition here.

I sat down with the man behind the account to talk a little about his background and what he’s been up to.

When did you first hear about Crypto and what drew you to the space?

I bought back in 2014 before Mt. Gox, and watched that implosion push me out of the space. It was really debilitating. I didn’t really look back at it until early 2017 to be honest. I watched the mass hystery thinking I was set but of course never sold and learned about market cycles the hard way.

John Mcafee

How long have you been a designer for?

I’ve been a designer on and off for about five years as a hobby but really saw the opportunity to capture what’s happening with this movement last year so I went on a crash course trying to create something crazy. Hence this mural from 2018.

XRP Army

When did you realise you could start a business around your talents?

I started noticing it could turn into a business when I was putting out consistent comics and people were hitting me up all the time asking for commissions. I suppose my work was in demand.

Trading Crypto in 2018

You recently released your own website, what are your plans for the future?

As of right now… I’m just trying to raise awareness for my 2018 Loss Vegas Mural. I’m putting it in a lot of high traffic areas trying to make it known to the common public. Hopefully from there I can create a more sustainable brand out of this instead of meeting people online. I still plan to document things that are happening here in crypto and make a yearly mural to commemorate things that catch my eye.

The 2018 Loss Vegas Mural featuring KryptiCrooks and Shiba Inu

You can find more artwork and merchandise by KryptiCrooks at his website.

Also don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

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