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If you have a talent it should be nurtured, applied and celebrated.

This is no different in the world of Crypto.

Aside from the visionaries, technical masterminds and immensely talented developers, Crypto is home to a whole host of talented young minds. These come in many shapes and sizes from content writers, video producers, designers and even Crypto comic book creators.

One talented artist goes by the name of BitArt who you can find on Twitter. BitArt is creating a name for himself by designing weekly art works based off of the big news stories that happened that week in the world of Crypto. You can find a selection of his work on his site.

I sat down with the man behind the account to talk a little about his background and what he’s been up to.

Binance special to celebrate the Binance JE Exchange Launch

When did you first hear about Crypto and what drew you to the space?

I heard about crypto about 4 years ago. There was an item on the radio in which they interviewed guys who earned a fortune with buying bitcoin. Unfortunately I didn’t buy back then since it was ‘unsafe’ and ‘criminal’.

Late 2017 Bitcoin was again all over the news and like most noobs I thought it would go up forever so I bought my first Satoshi’s around the top. A bad thing of course but from that moment I’ve learned a lot. I’ve discovered that there is more than Bitcoin, I’ve learned about the blockchain technology and that there is a huge community that’s getting bigger and more professional every day.

That community is what got me started with the design project I’m doing during 2019. I used to read all these TA’s, the drama of Scammer A calling out Scammer B, opinions about the bottom or the top, the memes, the next bull run predictions and the EOY predictions and I thought, this is worth documenting. Of course, I do this together with all the real developments that happen in the world of blockchain and crypto. It is my way of surviving the bearmarket and contributing to the crypto community.

Week 9 – Celebrating the Ethereum HardFork

How long have you been a designer for?

I have always been into drawing, designing and building things. As a kid I liked drawing cities and houses. Later I studied architecture but ended up as designer in a completely different sector. I like creating concepts that go beyond that ‘one time’ magic moment and leave more of a lasting impression.

I want to be able to use a design or a part of a design several times because that gives me a feeling that the design was good and it wasn’t just a one hit wonder. Also I love making things that I believe are nice even though it’s not always beautiful for the larger audience because designing is not just a thing that I do for others, it’s also a way of getting rid of stress or a feeling. Nothing is as nice as losing yourself in a design for hours and hours.

Week 7 – Celebrating the women of Crypto

When did you realise you could start a business around your talents?

Probably the night I started designing the first piece of the ‘10 year BTC’ project. I literally had the feeling Eminem describes in the first sentence of ‘The Ringer’ – He says: “I’m gonna write down.. my first thoughts, see where this takes me” That’s exactly what I was doing.

During the design I thought to myself, this is nice. The poster started to look messy but just how I wanted it to be. It also gave a me the feeling that I got rid of some bearmarket stress so I thought, how can I turn this in to a bigger concept. That’s when I came up with a plan to do 52 artworks during 2019 to honour 10 years of Bitcoin and crypto. I redesigned most of the first piece because I wanted it to be better and that’s how the project is born. We are now 10 weeks further and for me it’s still fun to make the weekly designs.

During the week I take notes of what I see on CT or read online about crypto and by the end of the week I design it in the weekly piece. Inbetween I do specials to make the concept more alive and known to a wider audience. The first special I did was about Binance and got some a lot of attention. Even by CZ so I was really honoured with that. The next one is almost finished and will be about Bitcoin. All in the same Bitart style.

$BNB Special – Admired by CZ

You recently released your own website, what are your plans for the future?

Cryptotwitter is the place to be for me. I always post them on Twitter first. Also I place my works on my website  and I’m working on ways to get them displayed on crypto events.

Also I’m planning to design and print a book by the end of 2019 with all the weeklies and specials in it. Also a recap of 2019, hopefully with a lot of bullish artworks in it!

For now, a special thanks to Alex for taking the time to do this interview and thank you for taking the time to read it! Stay safe.

By Alex Libertas

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Alex Libertas

Weekly Crypto Market Update – 4th March

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