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UDAP stands for Universal Decentralized Asset Platform.  As I recently wrote about Quarkchains sharding and scaling technique – I thought it was fitting to follow up with a piece about one of their first ecosystem partner projects, who will raise their public offering in QKC tokens over on 

UDAP is a blockchain protocol & middleware that provides Restful APIs and an “Asset Wallet” for application developers to create powerful dApps without actually writing any smart contracts.  It also has smart contract templates for Ethereum initially, with plans to expand to other public chains.

The UDAP team are highly technical and are notably ex-IBM.  While they are heavily technical with over 8 Senior Blockchain Developers on the team, and a heavy team of technical advisors and professors, they also have a strong growth strategy and business development element to their team, and a large ecosystem of investors and partners.  

The primary basis of UDAP is ‘Singular’ – an EVM smart contract framework that provides a standard model for tokenization, including a definition of contracts, a wallet for those items, and interfaces to other token standards such as ERC20 and ERC721 – with more down the line to come.

A Decentralized Middleware Network

UDAP Middleware is a “layer two” solution to non-fungible asset lifecycle management, where non-fungible assets can be defined, registered, verified, tracked and traded using an ERC721-compatible on-chain asset model.  

The model introduced means that app developers no longer need to code with low-level web3 APIs and specific storage and messaging APIs. The middleware provides stable asset-oriented APIs and off-chain solutions that expand transaction capacity and enables immediately finality.

Using their “Asset Oriented Programming” model, app developers take advantage of the traditional Internet Application Architecture and use UDAP as a layer for:

  1. Asset tokenization
  2. Transaction notarization; and
  3. Contract adjudication in case of disputes. 

Most Notable Benefits for developers:

  • Using the convenient APIs, developers have access to valuable decentralized features that don’t require heavy investment of time into blockchain technologies.  
  • Using State Channel technology, integration with public blockchains becomes fast, cheap and secure without specific lock-in.   
  • UDAP has an Application Wallet with in-app currency Smart Contract templates (initially ethereum based) for smart contracts that provide asset life cycle management, trading, rental, auction, and pledge. – which is really exciting because it again reduces the barrier to entry and streamlines adoption.  

UDAP Middleware V0.5 has been released and you can learn more about it here:

Quarkchain and UDAP

I am a big proponent of getting people to use blockchain without realising they are using it.  The same way we use the internet without knowing about its underlying protocols, UDAP is bridging the gap between 

UDAP is all about bringing fast, easy and secure tokenization to the world.  It acts as an asset-oriented service layer between blockchains that connects applications and allows seamless development. All without the knowledge of the underlying blockchains it connects to.

Quarkchain chose UDAP as an ecosystem partner to prevent duplication of development – (something I’d like to see more of in the space and others).  Quarkchain can focus on the development of their underlying public chain, meanwhile developers who have no understanding of Quarkchain will now be able to interact with it through templates at the application level, accessing high throughput, scalable and secure blockchains, using very standard internet application development tools that most developers are used to.

A definite step in the right direction for blockchain adoption.

To learn more about UDAP find out below:

More information about UDAP:







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Kakao: (PW: qkcgo)

More information about Quarkchain:

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