Bulletpoint Research — Top 100 Coins: 59-40


This article was written as a building block for fundamental research into the wide variety of decentralised products and platforms which are currently in the Top 100 coins listed on the CoinMarketCap website. (80+ hours of research)

I like to personally see this article as a brief dictionary for providing easy to read bulletpoints on key elements of each projects, which can then be used for your personal use to find projects which are interesting to yourself.

I understand the struggle of sifting through the 100’s and 100’s of projects not just to find something which has strong fundamentals but also something that truly interested in as an individual which allows for you to invest your time and money. It is highly likely that the time and effort which goes into researching deep into a project can be off-putting and probably one of the main factors we take information from people we trust in this community but doing your own research is far more valuable as you can truly find projects which you are passionate and motivated by.

Hopefully this article can help shed some light on a few projects, resulting in you finding something that sparks excitement for you to research further.

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Use these articles as a brief dictionary to your fundamental analysis

Ranked 59: $DAI

– Stable coin & Collateral Loans
– DAI holders can utilize a saving scheme 
– Earn steady, low-risk return on DAI holdings
– Uses Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs)
– Currently supports Collateral, Pooled ETH
– 1:1 USD SOFT pegged to the dollar 
– Maker team

Ranked 58 : $IOST

– Building a ultra-high TPS blockchain
– Able to process up to 100,000 TPS
– Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS)
– Algorithm is “Proof-of-Believability”
– Atomic Commit protocol for safeguard
– Active Github with 7880 commits
– Launching Dapps & Mainnet Q2

Ranked 57 : $BTM

– Digital asset layer protocol
– Peer to peer financial Dapps
– Can verify transactions in parallel
– Transmission, Contract & Asset layers
– ESCDA encryption & SHA256 hashing
– Consensus POW, ASIC friendly
– $95 million dollar marketcap
– Active developer GIT

Ranked 56 : $CRO

– Accept payments anywhere, anytime 
– Seamless, secure & cost effective merchant solution 
– MCO Visa Cards, holds dollars not crypto
– Wallet auto switches to stable coins, choose risk type
– Zero processing fees for merchants
– 100,000,000,000 Token Supply

Ranked 55 : $XVG

– Privacy based cryptocurrency
– Uses Anonymity networks, TOR
– Wallet has built in TOR intergration 
– Dual-Key stealth addressing
– High amount of merchant vendors
– Atomic Swap Capability on DEX
– Open source & Community driven
– 11% supply in one account

Ranked 54 : $KMD

– Open-source blockchain ecosystem
– Seamless interoperability, Limitless scalability
– AWS Advanced Technology Partner
– Allows every project to have a unique blockchain 
– Blocks have multi-chain linking & burn protocol 
– Atomic swap supports 95% of assets

Ranked 54 : $SIA

– Fully decentralized cloud storage
– Data storage marketplace on blockchain 
– 2.9PB Capacity, 300+ Storage providers
– Store 1TB of data for $2 per month 
– Files split into 30 segments before upload
– 3.9% of every contract, given to company as fee

Ranked 53 : $NPXS

– Blockchain based point-of-sales (POS)
– XPOS borderless payment ecosystem 
– Merchants receive the payment fees
– Developing a blockchain based phone 
– Rewards merchants for adopting XPOS
– Product already used globally
– Large community & Experienced Team

Ranked 52 : $AE

– Smart contracts interfacing real-world data
– Hybrid consensus between PoW and PoS
– User-friendly identities
– Has ability to exectute smart contracts off-chain
– Oracles connect real world data with smart contracts 
– 42% of tokens held by one wallet

Ranked 51 : $PAX

– Paxos is a regulated financial institution
– Safeguard on physical and digital assets
– Digitize assets live onto the blockchain
– ItBit exchange, deep fiat liquidity pools
– Raised over $93M in funding
– Oversight from New York DFS
– $120 million market cap

Ranked 50 : $THETA

– End-to-end infrastructure for video streaming
– Resource Oriented Micropaymens, Proof-of-Engagement
– Thousands of nodes in consensus process, 1,000+ TPS 
– Goal to achieve maximum CDN bandwidth reduction on videos
– Investment from Sony & Samsung

Ranked 49 : $BCD

– Fork from original bitcoin blockchain
– Global currency, Low transactions
– Attempts to solve scaling issues
– BCD pay wallet for online payments
– Optimized X13(GPU) mining algorithm
– 10x more total supply that bitcoin
– Chimpion all in one ecommerce PoS

Ranked 48 : $ABBC

– Blockchain for distribution, finance & security
– Accepts small amount of tokens
– Looking to connect shopping industry to blockchain
– Working on facial recognition payment systems
– Half of total supply is in circulating 
– Undetailed roadmap of future

Ranked 47 : $NANO

– Instant transactions, zero fees, infinite scalability 
– Pre-cache’s anti-spam PoS 
– uses ED25519 algo for fast verification and security
– Lightweight nodes that cost next to nothing to run
– 100% premined, 95% distributed, 5% kept as developer funds.

Ranked 46 : $BTS

– Decentralized Autonomous Cooperation (DAC)
– Industrial-grade decentralized platform
– Based on open-source MIT Graphene technology
– Transactions to the blockchain within 3 seconds
– Supports subscription payments, Low fees
– BTS works as a utility token

Ranked 45 : $BTT

– Tokenizing the bittorrent file sharing protocol 
– 100m users, 138 countries, 22% total upstream traffic 
– TRC-10 utility token based on TRON protocol 
– Token can be used to access faster download speeds 
– 1/5 Tokens are not in circulation at the moment

Ranked 44 : $HOT

– Framework for distributed peer to peer Dapps
– Scalable, agent-centric distributed platform 
– Nodes are not required to maintain the same chain 
– Nodes do not produce a scalability bottleneck
– More users using a dapp allow for more scalability and power

Ranked 43 : $DGB

– Secure, fast & forward thinking blockchain
– Blockchain is spread over 200,00+ servers & nodes
– Early segwit implementation
– Digibyte security can fix 90% of web vulnerabilities
– 7 million blocks, overcoming scability issues
– Half max supply in circulation

Ranked 42 : $ICX

– Connecting real world industries to blockchain
– Allows for public and private interchain blockchains 
– Unique naming convention for wallet ID
– Good developer incentives and easy to setup portal 
– Vast amount of active Dapps
– Alliance with $AION & $WAN

Ranked 41 : $REP

– Exchange for trading/hedging against events
– Predict elections, natural disasters & events
– Company forecasting for future projections
– Automatic payouts, low fees & permissionless 
– REP, used for reporting/disputing these events

Ranked 40 : $STEEM

– Social blockchain for growing communities 
– Returns value back to the content creators
– Paid $60,000,000 to creators since june 
– Processes more transactions than bitcoin
– Steem apps already over 1 million users
– Free & fast transactions built for scale

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