Bulletpoint Research — Top 100 Coins: 39-20


This article was written as a building block for crypto fundamental analysis into the wide variety of decentralised products and platforms which are currently in the Top 100 coins listed on the CoinMarketCap website. (80+ hours of research)

I like to personally see this article as a brief dictionary for providing easy to read bulletpoints on key elements of each projects, which can then be used for your personal use to find projects which are interesting to yourself.

I understand the struggle of sifting through the 100’s and 100’s of projects not just to find something which has strong fundamentals but also something that truly interested in as an individual which allows for you to invest your time and money. It is highly likely that the time and effort which goes into researching deep into a project can be off-putting and probably one of the main factors we take information from people we trust in this community but doing your own research is far more valuable as you can truly find projects which you are passionate and motivated by.

Hopefully this article can help shed some light on a few projects, resulting in you finding something that sparks excitement for you to research further.

Fundamental Analysis Research
Use these articles as a brief dictionary to your fundamental analysis

Ranked 39 : $ZIL

– Scalable, secure and high-performance blockchain
– Only uses Proof of Work for miner verification
– Highly secure smart contract language, Scilla
– Partnered with bluzelle & genaro network
– Active github with strong team development
– High TPS rates at 2800

Ranked 38 : $LINK

– Smart contracts connected to real world data
– Highly reliable decentralized oracle network
– Connect to any external API, send payments
– Connects smart payments with Paypal & SWIFT
– Selected by Gartner as a blockchain leader in apps

Ranked 37 : $DCR

– Decred is an autonomous digital currency
– Censorship-resistant public proposal platform
– Cross-chain atomic swaps between cryptocurrencies
– Innovative consensus voting model for stakeholders
– Less than 50% of supply in circulation 
– Lighting Network

Ranked 36 : $TUSD

– TrustToken Asset Tokenization Platform
– TrueUSD (TUSD) is a stablecoin 1-for-1 for US 
– TUSD the first token created on TrustToken Platform
– Building tokenized assets for all aspects of life
– Liquidity Premiums, Fractional ownership, Worldwide

Ranked 35 : $LSK

– Build powerful and scalable blockchain applications
– Giving ease to developers producing Dapps (JS)
– Token used for paying fees on the network
– LiskCore allows technical devs to attain delegate forging access
– Houses all aspects of developing a blockchain

Ranked 34 : $ZRX

– Powering Decentralized Exchange
– Enables peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the $ETH blockchain
– Facilitates the exchange of ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets
– Building a layer of networked liquidity, allowing pool access
– Seamless integration for for developers

Ranked 33 : $MXM

– Efficient & Transparent Distributed Revenue System
– Cloud-based pool mining platform (Staking Tokens)
– Users receive a portion of the pool as a reward 
– Freely switch between tokens and mining pools
– Partnered with Bitmain, Antpool and HitBTC

Ranked 32 : $NAS

– Focus on data, interactions & collaboration
– Community Collaboration Platform
– Access, Use & Query cross-chain database
– Proof of Devotion (PoD) consensus algorithm
– Provides ability to upgrade without forking
– 6,800+ DApps, 2,300+ developers (Alleged)

Ranked 31 : $DGTX

– Non-custodial, no fee exchange
– Revenue created by token issuance instead of fees
– Unique trading Interface & large tick sizes eliminate noise
– Uses AI market makers with 20% of cirrculating supply
– Working with plasma protocol for future implementation

Ranked 30 $USDC

– Open source, smart contract stablecoin
– Full reserves for equivalent value of token
– Regularly fully audited AML to FATF standards
– Uses CENTER framwork by Circle & Coinbase
– Good amount of app providers accepting USDC
– Over 5.5B funds transfered to date

Ranked 29 : $WAVES

– A blockchain layer to power Web 3.0 infrastructure
– Dapps do not require ‘Gas’ & use Atomic Execution
– Inbuilt programming language for on-chain execution
– Handles all stages of web 3.0 integration stages
– WAVES token is used as a tool for all products

Ranked 28 : $QTUM

– Enterprise & business-friendly smart contract platform
– POS based and boasts governance protocol (DGP)
– Platform leveraging security of UTXO
– Uses AAL to decouple Dapps from the underlying protocol 
– 3500+ nodes in 70+ countries, exceeded on BTC/ETH

Ranked 27 : $OMG

– A scaling solution for finance on ETH blockchain
– Enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions real-time
– Exchange mechanism to provide cross-chain interoperability
– Designed to pioneer PLASMA 
– Partnered with SBI investments and Golden Gate Ventures

Ranked 26 : $BTG

– Forked bitcoin, mined on common GPUs instead of specialty ASICs
– Closely compatible with bitcoin including Segwit & Lighting 
– GPU mining allows for a more distributed pool 
– BTGPay is connecting merchants & services to the end user
– 21m fixed max supply

Ranked 25 : $DOGE

– Open-source peer-to-peer digital currency
– Focus on community building & simplicity
– Currency main use is tipping fellow content lovers and creators 
– Circulating Supply equal to the max supply
– Fun, friendly and easy to use currency
– Everyone loves dogs

Ranked 24 : $BAT

– Brave is a privacy based, security focused web browser
– Decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange
– Tokens earned through users giving attention to ads
– Keeps data private while showing fewer but relevant ads
– Founded by co-founder (Mozilla & Firefox)

Ranked 23 : $VET

– Global enterprise level blockchain
– Proof of Authority & State-of-the-art IoT solutions
– Tracks authenticity via smartchips in products 
– Creates a digital trail of a vehicles history
– Tracks end-to-end production processes
– Flexible for enterprise Use

Ranked 22 : $ZEC

– Privacy based digital currency built on strong science
– Shielded Zcash transactions are completely private
– Transactions verified without revealing the sender
– KZen networks will bring private n-of-n multisig to Zcash
– Multisig and Transaction expiration

Ranked 21 : $XEM

– Smart asset blockchain built for performance
– Powerful modular customization for any application
– Industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers
– NEM’s API interface can be used with any language 
– Used for fintech systems & tracking logistic

Ranked 20 : $ONT

– Development tools & multi language for Dapps
– Performance features like VBFT and sharding solve scalability
– 90+ Core Team Members & 200,000+ Community Contributors
– Dual token model, ONT for staking & ONG for utility
– Half of total supply in circulation

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