Bulletpoint Research — Top 100 Coins: 99-80


This article was written as a building block for fundamental research into the wide variety of decentralised products and platforms which are currently in the Top 100 coins listed on the CoinMarketCap website. (80+ hours of research)

I like to personally see this article as a brief dictionary for providing easy to read bulletpoints on key elements of each projects, which can then be used for your personal use to find projects which are interesting to yourself.

I understand the struggle of sifting through the 100’s and 100’s of projects not just to find something which has strong fundamentals but also something that truly interested in as an individual which allows for you to invest your time and money. It is highly likely that the time and effort which goes into researching deep into a project can be off-putting and probably one of the main factors we take information from people we trust in this community but doing your own research is far more valuable as you can truly find projects which you are passionate and motivated by.

Hopefully this article can help shed some light on a few projects, resulting in you finding something that sparks excitement for you to research further.

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Use these articles as a brief dictionary to your fundamental analysis

Lets start from the top, shall we?

Ranked 99 : $DENT

– Telecom Blockchain Company 
– Marketplace for data packages 
– Buy, Sell and Donate Mobile Data
– Operators inc AT&T & Versizon 
– Live IOS & Android Dapp product 
– 10 Million Users (not confirmed)

Ranked 98 : $POWR

– Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
– Transparent, secure & instant electricity transactions
– Low-cost payment system & Rapid micro-transactions
– Trading platform for buying/selling energy 
– Deployed & active trading applications.

Ranked 97 : $RVN

– Token issued blockchain 
– Protocol based on a bitcoin fork 
– Transfer ownership of any asset 
– User friendly token creation 
– X16R mining algorithm, anti ASICS
– 10x Faster block (1 minute)

Ranked 96 : $NEXO

– Worlds first instant crypto backed loan
– Military-grade security with 256-bit encryption
– Assets backed by Goldmans Sachs
– World’s First US SEC-compliant Asset-backed Token
– One Billion in crypto backed loans

Ranked 95 : $QNT

– Overledger the first blockchain OS
– Distribute applications across any blockchain
– Multi-chain interoperability
– Goverify a security verifier for email/sms
– Preventing cyber security crimes via blockchain
– Circulating supply 9,777,236 QNT

Ranked 94 : $ELA

– First safe & secure infrastructure for the internet
– Near infinite scalability for internet Dapps
– Super computer running on peer to peer nodes 
– Merged mined on the bitcoin network 
– Employing AuxPoW+DPoS as a consensus model
– Q1 Elastos DPoS Super Nodes

Ranked 93 : $ETP

– ETP is the measurement of wealth on the Metaverse 
– MST + Avatar + Oracles + On-chain Exchange
– Decentralised smart token (MST)
– Self-sovereign identity ledgers (Avatars) 
– Rapid and transparent supervision (Oracles)
– On-chain Exchange of assets

Ranked 92 : $PAI

– Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI)
– Avatar based blockchain
– Virtual assistant, Healthcare, Social Networking 
– $BTC & $BTT are the underlying technologies
– Uses secp256k18 EC field and curve parameters
– BitTorrent used to store clients data

Ranked 91 : $DGD

– Digital gold standard on ethereum 
– Represents physical gold with DGX tokens
– 1 DGX represents 1 gram of gold
– Backed by 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market 
– 2,000,000 tokens in existence
– Physical redemption can be done in Singapore

Ranked 90 : $XYC

– Private financial transactions, enabled by Zerocoin protocol
– Completely untraceable and secure transactions
– Allows minting of public coins into private
– Minted coins can be spent without the owners authority
– Zcoin features a fully auditable coin supply

Ranked 89 : $AION

– Platform for building Dapps 
– Enables cross-chain applications
– Supply chain logistics & Big data
– Decentralization for Internet of Things
– Digital content & Ownership
– Royalty distribution for rightful owners
– ICO platform for raising funds

Ranked 88 : $MOAC

– Multi-layer blockchain architecture for commercial
– API layer for quick access and accessibility
– Upper layer Microchain smart contracts
– Transaction verification through consensus
– Global Motherchain for behaviour control 
– Peer 2 peer community layer

Ranked 87 : $RDD

– Blockchain for personalized IDs & Social
– ReddID links to social media accounts
– Send tips “ReddID” to users with one click 
– Community is built on volunteer devs
– Coins are stored in a light browser wallet
– Support your favourite creators

Ranked 86 : $GXC

– A Trusted Data Internet of Value
– DPoS based Graphene underlying architecture
– Blockcity dApp platform, 1 million users 
– P2P Data Marketplace
– Data Matrix, powerful data acquisition
– Mining through Proof of Data
– $33,731,743 Market Cap

Ranked 85 : $BNT

– Cross-Chain Liquidity Network
– Easy to use and clean UI
– Store, manage & convert all tokens 
– Unlimited Liquidity, No listing fees
– Thousands of token pairs
– Open source framework, ERC20 token standard
– Formula for handling price slippage
– Good team

Ranked 84 : $MANA

– Best website UI & UX ive seen 
– Community driven virtual world 
– All star team, 6+ years Google Director 
– ERC-20 token MANA is spent for LAND 
– LAND is 10x10m of virtual space
– Drag and drop LAND creation with assets
– ETH contracts for land ownership

Ranked 83 : $ELF

– Decentralised Cloud Computing Network
– Automatic server expansion for overload
– Full nodes run on cloud servers
– Token holders ensure governance
– Poor website design, 404 crashes 
– 51% of token owned by team
– Only 11% for mining (100 years)

Ranked 82 : $AOA

– Lighting fast contracts with DPOS+BFT
– Multi-chain parallel processing
– Cluster Grouping for nodes, Optimisation
– Unlimited increase of TPS with guaranteed security
– Github updates are consistent
– Multi-chain parallel Q1 Testnet
– Mobile Wallet Launched

Ranked 81 : $LKY

– Professional supervised financial platform
– Decentralized digital investments
– Personal consulting services 
– LKY is the proof of stake
– Unreleased product & services
– Private sale 40%, Mining 20%
– “conceptual website & whitepaper”
– No team on website

Ranked 80 : $KCS

– Shares for “Kucoin”
– KuCoin 2.0 Scheduled Upgrading
– Released mobile app for trading 
– $400,000 trade volume for bitcoin 
– 0.1% trading fees, withdrawl fees 
– 50% of shares owned by team

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