Bulletpoint Research — Top 100 Coins: 79-60


This article was written as a building block for fundamental research into the wide variety of decentralised products and platforms which are currently in the Top 100 coins listed on the CoinMarketCap website. (80+ hours of research)

I like to personally see this article as a brief dictionary for providing easy to read bulletpoints on key elements of each projects, which can then be used for your personal use to find projects which are interesting to yourself.

I understand the struggle of sifting through the 100’s and 100’s of projects not just to find something which has strong fundamentals but also something that truly interested in as an individual which allows for you to invest your time and money. It is highly likely that the time and effort which goes into researching deep into a project can be off-putting and probably one of the main factors we take information from people we trust in this community but doing your own research is far more valuable as you can truly find projects which you are passionate and motivated by.

Hopefully this article can help shed some light on a few projects, resulting in you finding something that sparks excitement for you to research further.

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Use these articles as a brief dictionary to your fundamental analysis

Ranked 79 : $WAX

– Worldwide Virtual Asset Exchange
– Buy and sell virtual items online
– Serves 400+ million players
– Developed by Founders of OpSkins
– Rewards community for tasks
– Huge item database

Ranked 78 : $MONA

– The first Japanese Cryptocurrency 
– Fully distributed payment system
– Not premined, 105 million coins
– First coin to introduce segwit
– Wallets developed by third parties
– Website lacks crucial information
– No team information

Ranked 77 : $PIVX

– Private Instant Verified Transaction
– MIT licensed, open source 
– Allows complete privacy while staking (zPoS)
– ZDEX Private decentralized exchange 
– Untracable, 60 sec transactions
– Ownership & Community rewards

Ranked 76 : $LRC

– Protocol for decentralized exchange 
– Shareable liquidity, Maximum Flexibility 
– Loopring is open sourced, DEX network
– 20% profits on all orders users generate
– Users make orders from their non-custodial wallets
– No recent roadmap updates

Ranked 75 : $WALT

– Focus on blockchain + IoT (VIoT) ecosystem 
– Blockchain implementation for logistical industries 
– Tracking big data for food, clothes and manufacturers
– Developed a smart RFID reader/writer 
– Launching cross-chain architecture Q1
– Good team, based in SK

Ranked 74 : $INB

– A Decentralised Research Ecosystem 
– Used to research crypto-currency companies 
– Companies provide data to be traded 
– Analyst give real time research/strategies 
– Roadmap last updated Q1 2018 
– Based on the EOS platform 
– Low community interaction

Ranked 73 : $HC

– Cross platform currency
– A Parallel, dual-chain ecosystem
– Facilitates data exchange from blockchain to non-blockchain
– Post-quantum signature technology 
– PoW + Pos, AI Lighting Protocol 
– Small team, investors include bitmain
– $50,000,000 MC

Ranked 72 : $ARDR

– Scalable, Secure blockchain platform
– Offering mass features and child chains
– 100% pre mined, PoS, Lightweight forging nodes 
– Voting, Messaging, Exchange, Aliases, Marketplace
– Recent sidechain ICO sold 3% of tokens
– Same team that created NXT

Ranked 71 : $FCT

– Open source data integrity protocol
– Built to leverage security of blockchain
– Voting, Smart Contracts & Identity Solutions 
– Data writing price is fixed to $0.001/kb
– Homeland security awarded $192k to Factom
– Testing capability of securre IoT

Ranked 70 : $MAID

– Decentralised internet of things 
– Released SAFE web browser 
– Powered by users spare computing power
– Free web browser & infomation access
– Minimal one time fee to upload & store
– Founded in 2006, 10 years of development 
– +$55,000,000 Market Cap

Ranked 69 : $ENJ

– Blockchain based around game development 
– Easy to integrate SDK’s for game engines 
– Efinity sidechain for scaling solutions 
– In Game Currency, Dapps, Rewards & Esports 
– Partnership with Unity, NRG, PC Gamer 
– Featured on the flagship Samsung s10

Ranked 68 : $ETN

– Digital instant payment system
– Store of value for payments
– Faster user growth than Facebok (2018)
– Rewards users $3 a month of ETN
– Allows mining on mobile devices
– Released App IOS & Google
– Strong community & team has good experience in the industry

Ranked 67 : $ARK

– All in one blockchain solution
– Highly flexible, adaptable & scalable 
– 8 second block time transactions 
– Uses consensus DPoS system 
– Released Mobile & Desktop Wallet
– Highly Active githhub commits
– Worldwide Team, 23 Core members in 11 countries

Ranked 66 : $XIN

– Lightning fast peer-to-peer transactions 
– 1,000,000,000,000 TPS capacity 
– Uses UTXO model of Bitcoin to handle transactions
– Support 50,000 cryptocurrency assets
– Mixin Messenger, end to end encryption
– Token Supply of 1,000,000 XIN

Ranked 65 : $GNT

– Open source, decentralized super computer 
– Combined power from users computers
– Brass golem allows for fast CGI rendering 
– Producing machine learning stacks for devs
– Tokens used to pay for machine resources 
– Uses ETH transaction system for payments

Ranked 64 : $PPT

– Invoice Finance Platform 
– Buy and Sell invoices via auction
– Connects businesses to buyers (Marketplace)
– All invoices stored on ETH blockchain
– Uses a stable coin to ensure stability 
– Altman Z-scores for credit rating 
– All token supply in circulation

Ranked 63 : $SNT

– Access the ethereum blockchain anywhere 
– Pushing adoption for ETH via accessibility 
– Mobile app, access messenger & ETH Dapps
– Incubating projects that are building Web3
– Average team with strong UI/UX design
– Circulating supply is 50% of total supply

Ranked 62 : $GUSD

– Gemini backed stable coin 
– Examined monthly by BPM, Verify 1:1 
– The worlds first regulated stablecoin
– Quick access for selling & buying
– Build on Ethereum as a ERC20 token 
– Strong exchange, lower market liquidity 
– Company regulated by the NYSDFS

Ranked 61 : $REPO

– Car repossession industry
– ERC20 token, Stellar protocol
– Use the app to scan license plates
– Earn $REPO from public contracts
– Q4 2019, IOS & Android Release

Ranked 60 : $STRAT

– Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
– The STRAT token fuels the platform
– Smart Contracts, ICO Platform, Sidechains
– Every Node executes its own block validation for security
– Offers inhouse blockchain consultancy for businesses
– Total Supply is unknown

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