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Blockchain’s Unicorn Replicator

How RedFOX Labs is Bringing Proven Business Models to Emerging Markets Crypto-powered startups’ development phases are as varied as the countries from which they originate. Some are only now dipping their toes into the digital waters — eager to bathe in the splendor of a decentralized, tokenized future. These crypto rookies may possess an idea, and sometimes a whitepaper abuzz with the latest …

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From Traditional to Blockchain Gaming: An interview with Arclegger

In my last article I covered a number of key issues in the gaming industry that have the potential to be solved using blockchain technology. Issues such as security, hacking and the introduction of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) all have the potential to drastically change the gaming landscape in the near future if blockchain tech can be correctly applied. In order to …

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How To Protect Blockchains Against 51% Attacks | RedFOX Labs

Ben Fairbank of RedFOX Labs explains dPoW Ben Fairbank, CEO, explains the innovative technology behind RedFOX Labs blockchain and how this innovative security mechanism developed by Komodo Platform sets the benchmark for prevention against 51% attacks. Learn more by reading: DPoW Demystified – An Essay By James ‘Jl777’ Lee About RedFOX Labs RedFOX Labs is a blockchain based emerging technology …

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