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13 Questions: PirateChain’s Jane Mercer, aka radix42, talks Life, Satoshi, and Everything

I was the person that bugged satoshi to start the first bitcoin mailing list This interview was originally published as part of the ‘13 Questions’ series of interviews on Human Action, June 4th 2019.  Following my recent interview with FishyGuts and MrLynch of PirateChain I remained in The Wailing Barnacle (PirateChain discord). One afternoon I started researching another ARRR core dev, radix42. I found this CoinDesk …

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13 Questions: Interview with PirateChain’s Captain FishyGuts and MrLynch

This article was originally published as part of the ‘13 Questions’ series of interviews on Human Action, May 5th 2019. Since the time of writing the PirateChain block reward halving has passed smoothly.  A Crow’s Nest Overview For this interview I packed my trunk and gained steerage on a frigate bound for Pirate Island in the Komodo Archipelago. The guys here at …

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Pirate Chain – An Interview with Blackbeard

Note – This article was originally posted by Blackbeard on the 23rd November on Medium which you can find here. Blackbeard is a Big Data Scientist, researcher, investor and Blockchain enthusiast. You can find him on Twitter and on Medium Good day Captain, everyone has his own story on how he/she got into blockchain technology. What’s yours? Well met Captain Blackbeard. …

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Billy’s Briefs – Pirate Chain

$ARRR Introduction @piratechain is a relatively new cryptocurrency created by $KMD community members with a lofty aim; to be the most anonymous crypto in existence. It used zksnark tech to do this while also relying on $KMD’s delayed proof of work which effectively makes the chain as secure as $BTC’s From Pirate’s website: PIRATE is the best of Zcash combined …

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