Sun. May 26th, 2019

BlockchainBrad – RedFOX Labs Interview with CEO Ben Fairbank

Brad Laurie speaks with Ben Fairbank, CEO of RedFOX Labs

BlockchainBrad speaks EXCLUSIVELY with Red FOX Labs CEO Ben Fairbank about ACCELERATING BLOCKCHAIN ADOPTION. Red Fox Labs is Southeast Asia’s first blockchain Venture Builder. They innovate with blockchain technology to build market leading companies in emerging markets. Ben, with his team, builds out and incubates market leading business models in emerging markets. Their unique build using an incubator model to enhance proven business models, as well as refine, customise and integrate open source blockchain technologies, resulting in ready to launch, market leading applications & startups.

About Brad

BlockchainBrad is a highly respected character in the Crypto community and is well known for his insightful and educational interviews with Blockchain projects. He has a Masters in Education and is passionate about keeping clean Crypto clean by providing honest and transparent content

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