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Police Raid Tron Offices
Police Raid Tron Offices

Police Raid Tron Headquarters in Beijing

Footage has today emerged of Chinese police reportedly raiding the Tron headquarters in Beijing in connection with a Chinese ponzi scam that cost investors over $30 million. 

The following footage uploaded by user Hayden Otto appears to show police barring the exit to the Tron headquarters in an attempt to either keep employees in the building or keep angry protesters out.

Another video appears to show a distressed employee crying whilst on the phone as she appears to be forcibly held in a room that shows the infamous TRX logo on the door.

According to Chinese media outlet Nuclear Finance, a company known as “Wave Field Super Community” pretended to be one of Tron’s 27 representative nodes that was allowed special status on the platform. Tron is known as “Wave Field” in China and so investors assumed that this was a legitimate business operating in the Tron ecosystem.

Last week, Wave Field Super Community ceased their operations without warning and disappeared without a trace. It is thought that over $30 million was stolen and one person who had invested in this fraudulent company has sadly committed suicide. It is rumoured that this person is Xia Bing – a single parent who had borrowed money from her neighbour in order to invest in this scheme.

In the lead up to this event, many tried to reach out to Justin Sun in an attempt to validate the connections of this business with Tron but Sun never replied. He did, however, post an update on Weibo which warned potential investors of projects that claim to be working with Tron and urged them to keep their funds safe.

Investors are left furious at Justin Sun for not distancing himself from this scheme and hold him directly responsible for their loss of funds.

Justin Sun is yet to comment…

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