Sun. May 26th, 2019

ChingasX: Trading Room Volume Indicator

How to use Trading Room’s Volume Indicator with ChingasX

In this episode ChingasX explores Trading Room‘s Volume Indicator and provides some helpful tips and tricks along the way. You can find the Volume Indicator here.

Volume Indicator can be effectively used to gauge breakouts, money flow, trend reversals, trend continuations as well as a confirmation of a “real” move in direction. In the following Video, ChingasX will elaborate more on.

What does the Volume Indicator actually represent?

Order Execution
Activity Confluence of Price Action
Confirmation of a “real” move in direction
Strong and Weak Market Moves
rend Continuation/Reversal
Volume Indicators – Volume/OBV
Money Flow

About ChingasX

Chingas is a rising star in the space due to his educational material that can be found across multiple social platforms. He covers a variety of topics with his content but is predominantly known for his Technical Analysis knowledge and skills where he live streams his sessions for the community.

He’s used his knowledge to create easy to understand and relatable tutorial videos and articles across Medium, YouTube, Discord and Twitter.

Chingas is keen to help educate and teach people the skills they need in order to become successful in this space so you can connect with him at the various places below:





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