Thursday , 18 July 2019
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What Makes a Good Crypto Project?

As we approach an impending alt season, investors and traders alike are scouring coinmarketcap and crypto Twitter for what could be the next potential 5x or 10x. Although technical analysis is a huge component of the price action of a project, fundamental analysis also plays an integral role in giving that much needed push in the right direction. If you …

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UX Review:

Etherum announce the new Introduction Last week the official Ethereum Twitter page announced that had been completely recreated by the community. Whilst I was looking at the website alongside the responses to the tweet above, I thought it would make an interesting article with Ethereum receiving plenty of backlash. First of all I think you have to give …

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Their Leaders: An Industry Paradox?

Learning Objectives · To investigate the role that cryptocurrency exchanges have on the industry. · To investigate the potential influence that cryptocurrency exchange leaders have over the wider cryptocurrency community. · To draw conclusion on how one must recognise falsified information from organic, and how to use this to your benefit. Introduction Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms that allow cryptocurrency assets …

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HASHR8 – Top NVIDIA GPU’s for Mining

Hashr8 Podcast

The mining landscape has changed quite a bit since the last time I wrote one of these (July 2018). New coins, market got wrecked, new algorithms, but biggest of all, new graphics cards. This list encompasses the best NVIDIA gpus at all price levels and budgets. RTX 2080TI F*** you money The 2080TI is NVIDIA’s flagship offering at a flagship price …

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Nobel Prize Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz Fails to Address Cryptocurrency Basics

In a recent video release on CNBC, economist Joseph Stiglitz had some comments about cryptocurrencies and macroeconomics. Joseph Stiglitz has a very established and well respected career in economics, but clearly does not understand bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. Stiglitz was a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics in 2001, Chief Economist at World Bank 1997-2000, Economics Professor at Colombia University …

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Cryptocurrency: An Investigation to Understand the Boundaries of Product and Service Marketing

Learning Objectives ● To investigate how products and services are marketed in the world of cryptocurrency. ● How to identify what is genuine product / service marketing against misleading or overhyped material. ● To learn how to form your own boundaries on what is acceptable information to digest, in opposition to discarding inaccuracies. Introduction The world of cryptocurrency is a …

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Binance Raises Over $100,000 For People In Need

The Binance Charity Foundation recently has been doing a lot of work around the world for multiple different philanthropic reasons. On the Binance charity website, it states that the “Binance Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving global sustainable development by unlocking the power of blockchain.” The organization “believes no one should be left behind during the ongoing …

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