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BlockFyre Coin Reviews: Aeryus

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Aeryus is a blockchain payment project that was founded in 2017. With their flagship product ChainPayments coming soon, they are aiming to make crypto-payments easy and accessible for everyone, with the ultimate goal to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption.

Aeryus claims that ChainPayments will enable anyone to pay with any cryptocurrency anywhere. The underlying technology uses non-fungible token assets (NFTA), in order to create immutable and individual recipes on the blockchain. While their iOS & Android app is coming soon (currently under review), further products are in the pipeline to create a whole ecosystem that complements ChainPayments.

As their tokenomics were rather confusing, they just recently announced a token burn, which will remove almost up to 99% of the total token supply.

Research by Jonathan Habicht and Simon Dedic.

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