Sat. May 25th, 2019

BlockchainBrad – Bitmax Interview with CoFounder & COO Ariel Ling

Brad Laurie speaks with Bitmax COO Ariel Ling

BlockchainBrad speaks exclusively with Bitmax CoFounder & COO, Ariel Ling. Ariel started her crypto journey with her long term friend & BitMax co-founder and CEO, Dr. George Cao. He politely “pulled” Ariel out of traditional Wall Street and together they launched this crypto to crypto exchange. The rest is history.

But what is BitMax? Well, it is the new innovative Digital Asset, Crypto to Crypto Exchange. Together, the BitMaX team aim to shaking up entire economic sectors with this bold ahd highly ambitious startup! And alone, Ariel is a formidable force.

About Brad

BlockchainBrad is a highly respected character in the Crypto community and is well known for his insightful and educational interviews with Blockchain projects. He has a Masters in Education and is passionate about keeping clean Crypto clean by providing honest and transparent content

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