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Introduction to Governance

Disclaimer: The content of these research summaries has been written after a year of reading, researching and writing about blockchain technologies and applications. Definitions may vary depending on the paper cited. The summaries provided are subject to further iterations; whereby, the first version relies on my personal understanding of the industry and the technologies. Most of it is based on …

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Limitations to Decentralisation

One of the major benefits of distributed ledger technology is that it allows several nodes to connect over a Peer-to-Peer network, whereby each node has access to the same information and is initially valued the same. This means that the network does not allow for a single node to have more privileges in the system than other nodes. Arguably, this …

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Blockchain: The Illusion of Value

Some Background information (You can skip this part and go straight to ‘Blockchain models in comparison’) Generally, we can differentiate between private, public and consortium blockchains. The main differentiating points are membership access and consensus. Membership access defines who and based on what grounds, is allowed to use the blockchain. Consensus outlines the processes and rules that determine how various …

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