Thursday , 18 July 2019
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The Daily Chain: Exclusive Interview with DigiByte

digibyte ICO blockchain changeangel

*This article now has a giveaway hosted by* is a wallet to wallet, non custodial swap exchange created by the community, for the community. It only takes seconds to sign up and better still you can log in using AntumID / Digi-ID, powered by DigiByte blockchain technology. When utilising the changeangel platform you know your transaction is secure, …

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How to Best Use Crypto Twitter to Your Advantage

Crypto Twitter truly is a weird and wonderful place full of colorful cartoon characters, self proclaimed ‘influencers’ and ego-centric traders locked in a fruitless battle for followers and engagement. The ‘mood’ of this surreal place we call home is often dictated by the current market conditions and usually changes on a daily basis. For example if Bitcoin happens to drop …

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How To Combat FOMO

What is FOMO? We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through social media and everyone is posting about their gains and bringing in impressive profits. So why aren’t you? Why are you stuck in these coins that aren’t moving and there’s little to no volume being traded? To make matters worse the team who’s project’s token you’re holding haven’t released any …

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What Makes a Good Crypto Project?

As we approach an impending alt season, investors and traders alike are scouring coinmarketcap and crypto Twitter for what could be the next potential 5x or 10x. Although technical analysis is a huge component of the price action of a project, fundamental analysis also plays an integral role in giving that much needed push in the right direction. If you …

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From Traditional to Blockchain Gaming: An interview with Arclegger

In my last article I covered a number of key issues in the gaming industry that have the potential to be solved using blockchain technology. Issues such as security, hacking and the introduction of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) all have the potential to drastically change the gaming landscape in the near future if blockchain tech can be correctly applied. In order to …

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RedFox Labs form Partnership with Cybersecurity Firm Hacken

The current landscape is rife with exchange hackings, nefarious characters and vulnerabilities – even within the code of highly respected technology such as the recent vulnerabilities discovered within Zerocoin. It is because of this that security is of the utmost importance in this space and every precaution must be taken in order to protect the code and ultimately the users …

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