About Us

The Daily Chain was created as an educational hub for all things Crypto – designed by the community, for the community.

Our goal is to provide informative and interesting unique daily content to help guide and educate people in the space to make informed and well thought out decisions.

The Core Team

Alex Libertas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Satoshi Nakameowdough

FinTech Industry Expert

Bio Text.

Brad Laurie

Video and Interview Content

BlockchainBrad is a highly respected character in the Crypto community and is well known for his insightful and educational interviews with Blockchain projects.

FinTech Daddy

Technical Analysis Expert

FintechDaddy is relentlessly passionate in his technical Analysis for both CryptoAssets & Forex.

Join his Charting Playground available exclusively on Telegram. There you are either a teacher or a learner. http://t.me/Chartground


Technical Analysis Expert

Bagsy is on a mission to becoming a leading figure in the Cryptocurrency space; with a passion for teaching and building a positive community around him. Join his free Discord, filled with educational material, a thriving community, and a cool place to hang out and talk crypto. http://discord.gg/Pg6XNVw


Coin Reviewer and Fundamental Analyst

BillyBobBagholder is an extremely passionate and dedicated Cryptocurrency researcher and reviewer. He is immensely popular across social media for his detailed and compelling tweet-storm style coin reviews that he delivers on Twitter.


Technical Analysis Expert and Educational Content

Chingas is a rising star in the space due to his educational material that can be found across multiple social platforms. He covers a variety of topics with his content but is predominantly known for his Technical Analysis knowledge and skills where he live streams his sessions for the community.


UI/UX Expert and Reviewer

Malone is a User Researcher by trade and is bringing his knowledge in UX to the Crypto world – reviewing products from a UX perspective whilst also sharing regular charts as a passionate price action trader.

At The Daily Chain we believe that everyone should be entitled to basic human rights in this world:

Freedom of Finance
Freedom of Education
Freedom of Knowledge

This site aims to arm people with the facts in order to navigate and succeed in the often deceptive world of Crypto.