Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Nugget’s News: Bitcoin Is Now An Unstoppable Force

Alex from Nugget’s News discusses the recent developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that he believes has made Bitcoin an unstoppable force. Blockchain technology is reshaping the way we think about money, transferring value & who gets to make these decisions. The balance of power is shifting away from banks & back to individuals. The future of Bitcoin is brighter than …

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CryptoCred – Technical Analysis Series: Fibonacci Levels

In this video, CryptoCred cover’s Fibonacci retracement and extension levels. – How to set up the Fibonacci retracement tool – How to identify swing high/swing lows & anchors for Fibonacci levels – Using Fibonacci levels to identify areas of support and resistance. About CryptoCred CryptoCred is a technical trader, analyst and educator within the Crypto Community. His free educational content …

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Malone’s UX Interview: Trading Room

This week I thought I would try something new and release a piece of writing based on UX that is different to any of the previous releases of the series. I had the honour to catch up with Trading Room App and ask a few questions about the user experience of the free Trading Room Tools and how they can help us …

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Weekly Crypto Market Update – 24th June

Welcome to this week’s Crypto market update on The Daily Chain. We are collaborating with NKB Group – a full-service investment bank focused on blockchain technology. These updates will include the top news stories of the week, charts, data and more. Market Momentum Bitcoin is continuing in its parabolic moves, adding 17.5% since last week. After two attempted breakouts, BTC …

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How to Trade Crypto — Lesson 1: Top-Down Market Analysis

This article is the first in a series of tutorials on how to trade cryptocurrencies — primarily large and mid caps like Bitcoin (BTC/XBT), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, and EOS — by using price action-based concepts and theories. Price action-based trading (PABT) assumes it’s possible to effectively trade an asset by studying nothing but the movements of price. PABT typically doesn’t involve the use …

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