Friday , 19 July 2019
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CryptoCred – Technical Analysis Series: Order Flow

Technical Analysis Order Flow

In this video, CryptoCred cover’s institutional order flow. – Problems faced by institutional traders – Understanding liquidity – Why price moves to certain areas – Changing your view of the markets from a retail to an institutional perspective – Liquidity pools and stop hunts What is Order Flow? Taken from TradingProbability A concept in trading which many claim to understand. …

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How to Trade Crypto: Four Strategies for Finding High-Probability Targets

Technical Analysis Guide

This tutorial teaches you how to trade crypto successfully — primarily large and mid caps like Bitcoin (BTC/XBT), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, and EOS — through price action-based concepts and theories. Price action-based trading (PABT) assumes it’s possible to effectively trade an asset by studying nothing but the movements of price. PABT typically doesn’t involve the use of indicators (like RSI, MACD, …

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HASHR8 Podcast – Alex Adelman, Lolli Co-Founder

Hashr8 Podcast

This episode of the HASHR8 podcast features Alex Adelman, Co-Founder of Lolli – a rewards application that gives you bitcoin when you shop at your favorite stores. Alex Adelman is the co-founder of Lolli. Alex and his team are spreading mass adoption by helping online shoppers gain exposure to bitcoin! We talk about discussing crypto with major brands, protecting customers’ …

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China’s New Crypto – Cryptocurrency News Ep53

Cryptocurrency News July

The Crypto Gent dicusses cryptocurrency news facebook libra and news from around the Cryptocurrency World. But don’t worry, this is an exciting, funny, witty and entertaining joke-filled run down of the news. You are sure to entertained by the master of sarcasm, put downs and down right ridiculous and absurd humour. Subscribe for daily videos from Crypto Twitter’s favourite content …

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Proof of Review: Sentivate

Proof of Review

About Proof of Review We want to change the way project reviews are delivered to the community and give investors and traders the chance to vet the information around a project and its developer team before deciding to invest their time and funds in an effort to reduce the number of scam projects in the sector. We also wish to …

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