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BlockchainBrad – Quant Network interview with CEO Gilbert Veridan

Quant Network Interview

Quant Network Interview BlockchainBrad & CEO of Quant Network update us on the Next Gen. OS of tech interoperability! We talk blockchain tech that bridges business and breaks down tech silos. Now working with Sia’s network of 570 Banks, Quant’s Overledger (OS) breaks down the enterprise barriers, bringing together the best blockchain & distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in an internet …

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BlockchainBrad – Bitmax Interview with CoFounder & COO Ariel Ling

Brad Laurie speaks with Bitmax COO Ariel Ling BlockchainBrad speaks exclusively with Bitmax CoFounder & COO, Ariel Ling. Ariel started her crypto journey with her long term friend & BitMax co-founder and CEO, Dr. George Cao. He politely “pulled” Ariel out of traditional Wall Street and together they launched this crypto to crypto exchange. The rest is history. But what …

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Blockchain Mass Adoption: A New Approach

Mass adoption? Not anytime soon it seems. A recent study carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority found that over 70% of UK consumers have never heard of cryptocurrencies or are unable to define them. Only 3% of this sample group had actually bought any cryptocurrencies and only 7% of those who haven’t bought any cryptocurrencies so far would consider …

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Stratis Platform Interview: Jeremy Bokobza – Head of Engineering

In his first Daily Chain appearance Khilone interviews Jeremy Bokobza of Stratis Platform. Stratis is a company which operates worldwide. Our strong, distributed team of blockchain developers, consultants, and marketing experts combines a solid corporate structure, for best business practices, with the flexibility required for rapid prototyping and deployment. Stratis is headquartered in the U.K. and incorporated as Stratis Group …

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2019: A Look at the Year Ahead – Episode 8: Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs – Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) and App Marketplace Morpheus Labs believe that “Infrastructure is critical in all functioning, robust first world economies. However, in the current blockchain state of affairs, proper infrastructure,  blockchain talents and skills are sorely lacking” With this in mind they have spent the last year hard at work creating a comprehensive and inclusive platform aimed …

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BlockchainBrad – Morpheus Labs Interview with CEO Pei-Han Chuang & COO Branson Lee

Brad Laurie speaks with MITX CEO Pei-Han and COO Branson Morpheus Labs is a real deal Singapore-based blockchain startup with BIG plans. They have spent the past 12+ months dedicated to building a platform that onboard blockchain-based solutions through the partner-driven model. They are now launched, are live and they’re making one hell of a splash in the private sector! …

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2019: A Look at the Year Ahead – Episode 7: NIX

NIX Platform – Total Privacy For All NIX Platform is described as a “next generation privacy currency and multi-layered interoperability platform which fuels anonymity-focused decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, providing the option of adding a best-in-class privacy layer to any blockchain”. It’s a platform that combines Atomic Swaps and privacy using the Ghost Protocol to provide the world anonymous …

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