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How To Combat FOMO

Become a Better Trader or Investor

What is FOMO? This article will help explain what FOMO is and how you can avoid it allowing you to become a better trader or investor. We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through social media and everyone is posting about their gains and bringing in impressive profits. So why aren’t you? Why are you stuck in these coins that aren’t …

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Cryptocurrency: An Investigation into the world of Cryptocurrency Paid Groups

Cryptocurrency Investigation Paid Group

Case Study: “AskMeHow” Cryptocurrency Investigation Paid Group Review Learning Objectives · To investigate and detail the functional aspects of the selected cryptocurrency based paid group. · To produce a thorough and unbiased review of the selected cryptocurrency based paid group. Introduction This article forms part of a cryptocurrency-based paid group review and is the fourth edition in the series. This …

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Introduction to Governance

governance blockchain on chain

Disclaimer: The content of these research summaries has been written after a year of reading, researching and writing about blockchain technologies and applications. Definitions may vary depending on the paper cited. The summaries provided are subject to further iterations; whereby, the first version relies on my personal understanding of the industry and the technologies. Most of it is based on …

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Limitations to Decentralisation

cryptocurrency decentralization blockchain crypto bitcoin

One of the major benefits of distributed ledger technology is that it allows several nodes to connect over a Peer-to-Peer network, whereby each node has access to the same information and is initially valued the same. This means that the network does not allow for a single node to have more privileges in the system than other nodes. Arguably, this …

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A Rubric for Effective Crypto Groups

In cryptocurrency, we can often lose track of all the coins and tokens hatching every month, year after year, along with all the exchanges, paradigms of learning, up and down movements, and our personal daily lives. That being said, it’s commonplace to search out groups to help us be better traders, whether that’s educational tools or to help us find …

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You Are Responsible For Your Trades

Personal responsibility in crypto investments is a good thing if you manage it well. Throughout history and time, there’s always been the dilemma of responsibility and blame — issues of free will and predestination, issues regarding forceable labor and slavery, and issues of war. Personal choices are no different. Nearly everyone takes risks in their lives regarding major decisions like education choices to …

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What is Market Structure?

Market structure – An Introduction The same as it is with different trading styles gaining and losing popularity over time people like to use buzzwords like liquidity and market structure without actually knowing what it means. In this article I’ll be focusing on the widely used terminology “market structure”. In its core it’s very simple and correlates with the term …

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Blockchain Mass Adoption: A New Approach

Mass adoption? Not anytime soon it seems. A recent study carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority found that over 70% of UK consumers have never heard of cryptocurrencies or are unable to define them. Only 3% of this sample group had actually bought any cryptocurrencies and only 7% of those who haven’t bought any cryptocurrencies so far would consider …

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2019: A Look at the Year Ahead – Episode 8: Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs – Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) and App Marketplace Morpheus Labs believe that “Infrastructure is critical in all functioning, robust first world economies. However, in the current blockchain state of affairs, proper infrastructure,  blockchain talents and skills are sorely lacking” With this in mind they have spent the last year hard at work creating a comprehensive and inclusive platform aimed …

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2019: A Look at the Year Ahead – Episode 7: NIX

NIX Platform – Total Privacy For All NIX Platform is described as a “next generation privacy currency and multi-layered interoperability platform which fuels anonymity-focused decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, providing the option of adding a best-in-class privacy layer to any blockchain”. It’s a platform that combines Atomic Swaps and privacy using the Ghost Protocol to provide the world anonymous …

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