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NKN Mainnet “Narwhal” in Review

“We develop our own flagship product like nCDN to showcase our technology and platform”Zheng “Bruce” Li, NKN Co-Founder A little over a week has passed since the NKN Mainnet launch “Narwhal”, and a lot has happened. This review of the events tells you everything you need to know. Genesis On June 29th, at 13:10 UTC the NKN Mainnet Genesis block …

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NKNWallet with Amir Ansari

ui ux blockchain developers

“One of the problems with different blockchain platforms is not giving enough attention to UI and UX. Most of them hire expert back-end developers and they don’t really care about the design” As those of you who have read NKN: The Primer and my recent interview with NKN Founder Yanbo Li, are already aware, I have spent a great deal of …

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13 Questions: PirateChain’s Jane Mercer, aka radix42, talks Life, Satoshi, and Everything

satoshi blockchains privacy technology

I was the person that bugged satoshi to start the first bitcoin mailing list This interview was originally published as part of the ‘13 Questions’ series of interviews on Human Action, June 4th 2019.  Following my recent interview with FishyGuts and MrLynch of PirateChain I remained in The Wailing Barnacle (PirateChain discord). One afternoon I started researching another ARRR core dev, radix42. I found this CoinDesk …

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13 Questions: Interview with Yanbo Li, NKN founder and OnChain co-founder

NKN crypto blockchain interview

13问:访谈NKN创始人、OnChain联合创始人李彦博 The single greatest thing about doing these interviews is meeting all the people from different walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, who are involved with this technology. Whilst talking tech is always great fun, and the bread and butter of any crypto interview, talking exclusively tech can sometimes obfuscate the more subtle and vital sparks of illumination: Why are …

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NKN: The Primer

NKN new kind network

An Introduction to New Kind of Network, Censorship Resistance, and Cellular Automata The decisions we make about communication security today will determine the kind of society we live in tomorrow.Whitfield Diffie, co-inventor of public key cryptography, adviser to NKN This article is a best attempt at a non-technical primer for NKN (New Kind of Network) from an NKN community member. …

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13 Questions: Interview with PirateChain’s Captain FishyGuts and MrLynch

This article was originally published as part of the ‘13 Questions’ series of interviews on Human Action, May 5th 2019. Since the time of writing the PirateChain block reward halving has passed smoothly.  A Crow’s Nest Overview For this interview I packed my trunk and gained steerage on a frigate bound for Pirate Island in the Komodo Archipelago. The guys here at …

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