Sunday , 21 July 2019
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LocalCoinSwap – P2P Evolution

LCS – A peer-to-peer bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrency marketplace, owned by the community LocalCoinSwap is the world’s first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that does not require any identification documentation to get started or have any restrictions on trading. Unlike centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, LocalCoinSwap offers over 250+ payment methods, 160+ fiat currencies and is available in over 190+ countries worldwide making it …

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The Daily Chain Partner with UX Consultancy Firm elevateUX

The Daily Chain today announced that they will partner with elevateUX, a new UX consultancy firm headed up by CryptMalone. Elevate aim to improve the user experience for all in the Cryptocurrency space by providing services specially tailored to each individual project based on the product, stage of development and target audience. Alex Libertas, Founder of The Daily Chain, had …

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Komodo Core Team Members and Esports Superstar to join RedFOX Labs

Momentum RedFOX Labs are Southeast Asia’s first ever blockchain venture builder built with Komodo’s technology platform. Their goal is to build out and incubate market leading business models in emerging markets. Their unique build using an incubator model to enhance proven business models, as well as refine, customise and integrate open source blockchain technologies, resulting in ready to launch, market …

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2019: A Look at the Year Ahead – Episode 9: Holochain

Holochain Hot Interview

A More Human Internet Holochain is a framework for creating and powering distributed applications, incorporating peer-to-peer content distribution protocol, cryptography, and hash tables. Whereas most normal blockchain projects are designed to be decentralized, Holochain have actually created a distributed network which they say has unlimited scaling capacity. One of the key features of Holochain is that it has purposely been …

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RedFOX Labs and The Daily Chain form Media Partnership

Over the last couple of months The Daily Chain has been working closely with RedFOX Labs on a number of press releases having initially broken the story of their partnership with Kinetic Consulting. Today the two companies announce a Strategic Media Partnership which will see RedFOX share their breaking news and content on The Daily Chain. Alex Libertas, Founder of …

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Esports, Blockchain and Betting — A New Paradigm

The esports industry is growing at an exponential rate in terms of viewership and revenue being generated. Reuters ran an article in February stating that revenue is likely to reach $1.1billion in 2019 based on advertising, sponsorship and media rights to these live competitive gaming events. Additionally, Newzoo reported that 427 million people will be watching some form of esports by the end of …

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In Conversation with Bagsy

What is your background and what were you doing before entering Crypto? Hi guys and gals, I’m Bagsy and this is my story. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. I’ll have to keep my current location to myself (you know, OPSEC and all), but it’s a nice place and I’ve come to call it home. I picked up …

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DERO Launch New Roadmap for 2019/2020

DERO today announced a new and updated roadmap detailing the key milestones that they plan to achieve over the next 2 years. The team had already been hard at work having deployed Smart Contracts and their signature Dero Virtual Machine, or DVM,  on their testnet. The DVM is designed to support Private Smart Contracts where everything is hidden, eg parties, …

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