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From Traditional to Blockchain Gaming: An interview with Arclegger

In my last article I covered a number of key issues in the gaming industry that have the potential to be solved using blockchain technology. Issues such as security, hacking and the introduction of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) all have the potential to drastically change the gaming landscape in the near future if blockchain tech can be correctly applied. In order to …

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RedFox Labs form Partnership with Cybersecurity Firm Hacken

The current landscape is rife with exchange hackings, nefarious characters and vulnerabilities – even within the code of highly respected technology such as the recent vulnerabilities discovered within Zerocoin. It is because of this that security is of the utmost importance in this space and every precaution must be taken in order to protect the code and ultimately the users …

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Coinbase Announce New UK Visa Debit Card

Coinbase today shocked the crypto world as they announced a new Visa debit card for UK customers dubbed the “Coinbase Card”. They say that the card will “allow customers in the UK spend crypto as effortlessly as the money in their bank.” The introduction of this card marks the first ever debit card in the UK/EU which is linked directly …

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Holochain: Interview with Founder Arthur Brock

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of the Holochain team where we covered numerous areas of the project in detail. Below is a collection of answers from Arthur Brock, Founder, that didn’t make that article. Who is Arthur Brock? Arthur Brock builds targeted currencies that shape the social dynamics of our emerging post-industrial economy. He has created …

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Komodore64 – A New Approach to Gaming

A Growing Industry The gaming industry is booming. I recently wrote an article discussing the exponential growth that is currently happening within the esports community. It has been reported by Reuters that esports revenue is likely to reach $1.1billion in 2019 based on advertising, sponsorship and media rights to live competitive esports gaming events. Additionally, Newzoo reported that 427 million …

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RedFOX Labs to launch Initial Exchange Offering on top 10 Exchange

We recently reported that RedFOX Labs would be running their IEO on CoinBene scheduled for 8th April. However, on the 28th March CCN, reported that suspicious activity on the exchange appeared consistent with a hack. Since these initial news stories were released, CoinBene have only publicly responded on one occasion and declared the incident as wallet maintenance. Users of the …

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