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How To Combat FOMO

Become a Better Trader or Investor

What is FOMO? This article will help explain what FOMO is and how you can avoid it allowing you to become a better trader or investor. We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through social media and everyone is posting about their gains and bringing in impressive profits. So why aren’t you? Why are you stuck in these coins that aren’t …

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Nugget’s News: Enjin Interview

Enjin Interview

This Enjin Interview was recorded during Nugget’s News’ gaming week from May. Alex wanted to interview a few of the best gaming projects in the cryptocurrency space. The gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace & these are some of the top projects utilising blockchain technology to push the boundaries. About Enjin Since its founding in 2009, Enjin has …

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Fantom Foundation partnership with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and SEED Group

Fantom Dubai

Fantom Foundation is pleased to announce their partnership with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. This partnership will see Fantom Foundation establish an operational presence in Dubai. Dubai has committed to becoming a world-leader in blockchain adoption as part of Smart Dubai initiative. Dubai aims to be the “first city fully powered by blockchain by 2021.” …

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Gath3r Interview with Reggie Jareth, CEO: Ad-Free Browsing Solution

Gath3r Interview Reggie Jareth

Gath3r are a web mining project who aim to deliver an alternative or additional method of monetization for publishers. They describe themselves as “The next Era of Web monetization with Decentralized Blockchains, Merged Mining, Smart contracts, Interoperability and Masternodes.” By choosing to implement Gath3r onto a website, simply by adding a piece of code, a publisher can give the user …

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Electroneum Announce Major Upgrade

Electroneum Announce Major Upgrade

An Electroneum major upgrade makes ETN the world’s most secure decentralised and eco-friendly crypto, and reduces block rewards by 75% CEO Richard Ells says the disruptive software update will unlock a transformational second half to 2019 for Electroneum.Electroneum joins the likes of IBM and Facebook in launching a new type open ledger coined the Moderated Blockchain. Electroneum’s ETN cryptocurrency is …

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Police Raid Tron Headquarters in Beijing

Police Raid Tron Offices

Footage has today emerged of Chinese police reportedly raiding the Tron headquarters in Beijing in connection with a Chinese ponzi scam that cost investors over $30 million.  The following footage uploaded by user Hayden Otto appears to show police barring the exit to the Tron headquarters in an attempt to either keep employees in the building or keep angry protesters …

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Welcome to the June Progress Update 2019. Busy times for everyone at NEXT. We’re making significant progress on many fronts, such as Mainnet, our upcoming 1.1 update, new partnerships, and general growth in the market. Whitepaper 2.0 release. On June 12th, our team published a brand new Whitepaper. Our first Whitepaper (1.0) was published during our ICO stage (December 2017). …

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The Daily Chain: Exclusive Interview with V-ID

V-ID Certify and Secure all Digital Assets V-ID is a validation service for digital assets that uses blockchain technology to time-stamp files and make them verifiable. They describe their mission as “to safely certify and secure all digital assets, so fraud and errors no longer hold back society’s innovations in digitalization.” The need for transparency with digital assets is particularly …

Read More » Rallies Support to Fund Open Source Blockchain Projects

digibyte ICO blockchain changeangel

Hartlepool, England – – – On the face of it,’s business model is pretty straightforward. It facilitates crypto to crypto, wallet to wallet swaps. Yet, there is something much bigger afoot at the company that is also known as the Swap Exchange for Social Good. The company is on a mission to rally support for sustainable development of non-Initial …

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